The company Moirano Costruzioni Meccaniche born in 1987 in Lusignan d'Albenga, a village of the plain of Albenga, a popular and well-known in Italy and throughout the world for its agriculture.


The founder, Stephen Moirano, dell'ortoflorovivaismo from direct experience in the field and aware of the importance of the Speed, quality, practicality, ease of use of machinery for the industry for over twenty years, he founded the MOIRANO CONSTRUCTION MECHANICAL, manufacturer of equipment to increase the farmer's work. The company MOIRANO is able to support the ortoflorovivaista during the entire process of cultivation of potted plants, from filling of the containers to the pruning of the final potted plant.


The buildings MOIRANO are differentiated by the particular attention to the needs of the customer and attention to detail, passion for design and construction of equipment ever more innovative, technological and effective, able to satisfy customers with excellent results.


The materials used to make the machinery MOIRANO were selected according to their quality and resistance more extreme in use, to ensure the maximum of strength over the years.