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The Electric Basil Cutter MTBR ECO is designed and built entirely by Moirano Costruzioni Meccaniche for the cutting and harvesting basil, herbs, salad leaves and other plants that are harvested through frequent cutting.
The machine’s reduced dimensions and weight (approximately 900 Kg) make it perfect for use in confined spaces or in greenhouses. The track width can be varied according to the operator’s requirements and this can be specified during the order process.
The variable speed belt-driven blade allows for a clean and precise cut that is particularly suitable for both delicate plants like basil, salad leaves and chard and more robust plants such as rosemary.
Cutting height can be regulated through the electronic stabilisers that can be conveniently adjusted from the control panel.
The MTBR ECO’s 400 A 48V batteries provide an operating time of over 10 working hours at full capacity without need for pauses or recharging.
The basil cutter has six drive wheels and is capable of two speeds, 0/3 Km/h for cutting and 6 Km/h for moving.
The machine’s batteries can be simply recharged with a 230V battery charger and after only 3 hours charging levels reach between 70-80%. A 100% charge requires 8 hours of charging.
The movement of the MTBR ECO is very similar to that of a classic tracked vehicle, a dual axis joystick and counter-rotating tracks, combined with its lightness, make it very precise and simple to steer.



Supporting structure in painted steel
Maximum speed of 6 Km/h
Variable speed belt-driven blade adjusted from control panel
Variable speed harvesting belt adjusted from control panel
Cutting height regulation through electronic stabilisers adjusted from control panel
Product conveyor reel with variable speeds regulated from control panel
Wind cover on harvesting belt


6 x drive wheels 16 x 6.50 – 8, 6 PR with variable speeds regulated from control panel
Length: 390 cm
Width: 148 cm
Height: 180 cm
Weight:  900 kg (approximately)
Motors: 2 x 1.5 Kw 48V + reduction 1/36
Belts: 2 x food-grade PVC
Operating time: 10 hours at full capacity
Blade and track length on request



–   Lateral bins supports for a total load capacity of 3 bins
–   LED spot lights


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