THE MTC 19 LABEL APPLICATOR for pre-printed labels combines high-level performance, precision, flexibility, durability and ease of use in a single compact and affordable package. This machine can apply labels at a speed of up to 70 m/minute (depending on the type of label). Labelling speed can be easily regulated through the screen and keyboard. Capable of running at variable speeds thanks to an (optional) encoder, this labelling machine can adjust its speed to that of the conveyor belt, with speeds ranging from 0 to 70 m/min and the conveyor belt itself can be stopped and restarted. The labelling machine works with label rolls with a maximum external diameter of 300 mm and a core diameter of 76 mm. The labels can have a maximum width of 120 mm with the standard version, rising to 180 mm as an optional extra. The paper movement mechanism is managed by stepper motors and microprocessors that allow for a constant working tension without any mechanical regulation, in fact, there are NO gears, brushes or brakes that require precise regulation and periodic maintenance.  Thanks to the “intelligent” and efficient management of these motors, the machine’s power requirement is limited to a maximum of 120W at full operation. The MTC 19 is extremely compact: with a total depth of only 240 mm (for labels of 120 mm maximum width), it can be easily installed in restricted spaces. The user interface can be considered truly minimalist: there is a single start (or reset) button. The control device can be removed from the body of the machine and located remotely in a more accessible, user-friendly position. The USB interface (no pen drive) offers the possibility to use an external PC for remote control of the machine’s running and set-up, as well as the capability of controlling different machines from the same PC.

Available in two versions: MTC 19 comes with a fixed support stand, bobbin and one or two label applicators whilst the MTC 19 PLUS also has an anodised aluminium and polycarbonate support structure, wheels and transport belt and a conveyor for work out in the field.




Label dimensions: min 20 x 20mm, max 120 (180) x 819 mm
Bobbin external diameter: Ø maximum of 300 mm
Bobbin internal core diameter: Ø 76 mm
Running speed: up to 70 m/min (depending on label type)
Accuracy: typically +/- 0.5 mm
Display: 2 x 20 character LCD, 2 x LED and 5 function/diagnostic buttons
Applicator dimensions (w x h x d) 700 x 600 x 245 mm
Weight: 21 kg (approximately)
Electrical supply: 90-240 V AC, 50-440 Hz, 120 W max


–      DATAMAX Mark II printer:
Direct thermal and thermal transfer printing technology
Maximum 152.4 mm/second printing speed
200 dpi print resolution
108 mm printing width
19 mm – 118 mm paper size
40 mm – 76 mm internal core
USB SER, PAR interface (no pen drive, version available on other models)
–          MECHANICAL REWINDER for speed and direction of rotation
–          2 MT BELT with variable speed
–          SUPPORT in aluminium (fixed or adjustable) for printer and belt / Mobile support structure in anodised aluminium and polycarbonate and 4 x wheels (MTC 19 PLUS)
–          Capacity for labelling of pots in containers on belt with double head.
–          Conveyor


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