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PRUNER EK 2000 ECO for d.14/18 pots



Supplied with two separate easily adjustable pruning blades, the EK 2000 ECO pruner makes it possible to trim a sequence of potted plants, shaping them to the desired form with surprisingly uniform results. Also suitable for dense plants and those with thick stems.
Designed and built entirely MOIRANO®, the EK 2000 ECO Pruner is the vital tool for those who need to prune a sequence of potted plants of different sizes, modelling the plant to the desired shape, all in a very short time, thus optimising work time. The brand new EK 2000 ECO will amaze you, not only for the precision of its cutting but above all with its capacity to prune over 2400 pots every hour. In addition, thanks to the newly patented pot rotation system, it is possible to prune dense plants and those with thick stems that are normally very resistant to cutting. The pruner is built entirely from anodised aluminium and is equipped with four useful wheels, two swivelling and two fixed, for local on-site relocation. For those that want to keep the machine in a fixed point, it is also possible to connect extra loading and unloading conveyor belts.
There are three main working phases:
– Loading pots with integrated conveyor belt.
– Pruning performed with three independent and fully adjustable single blades. By means of the rotation of the pots, these three blades model the plant to the desired shape.
– Unloading pots with a further integrated conveyor belt equipped with electronic pot grouping system and safety limit switches.
The speed of each motor can be independently regulated through an electronic control panel and speed control located on the front of the command panel. The machine can be used with plants and shrubs from Ø 14 to Ø 18.




– Supply Voltage: 230 V
– Power Absorption: 1.8 kW
– Pruning capacity: Ø 12 to Ø 18
– Pot loading belt: 1900 mm
– Pot unloading belt: 1900 mm with integrated pot grouping system
– Pot pruning: Ø 14 ± 2400 per hour
– DIMENSIONS (with belts closed): h 2100 x 2100 x 1000 mm
– Electronic Control Panel:
Pot rotation speed
Cutting speed
Pruning time (pot rotations under blade)
Pot alignment on unloading belt (to decide the distance)
Start/Stop button
Emergency Stop button


– Automatic fertilizer hopper in stainless steel. The opening of the fertilizer hopper can be perfectly synchronised with the arrival of the pots through an electronic control panel. This item can be used either manually or automatically for ease of set-up.


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