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The MTA PLUS 20 with its cutting residue collection system is an indispensable accessory for the cultivation of plants in pots, practical, manoeuvrable and very light thanks to an anodised aluminium structure.


The MTA PLUS 20 is ideal for the homogeneous, rapid and uniform pruning of all types of potted plants that avoids the problem of cutting residues remaining inside the pots. The blower forces the cuttings into the “collecting bag”, a light structure that can be easily removed and reattached for emptying.
The width of the structure can be adapted to the customers’ requirements providing a cutting width ranging from a minimum of 1,200 mm to a maximum of 1,700 mm. Two regulation wheels allow the operator to simply and intuitively adjust the cutting height from a minimum of 150 mm to a maximum of 750 mm.
The Pruning Bar MTA PLUS 20 is equipped with a 5 HP four-stroke petrol engine, a handle bar with accelerator and stop controls and the machine’s light weight resulting from the anodised aluminium structure means that it can be easily used by a single operator.



Anodised aluminium structure
4 x pneumatic 2.50 x 4 tyres with a roller cage for relocation
Easily removable cutting collecting bag
Blade length suited to customers’ requirements (maximum 170 cm)
5 HP four-stroke petrol engine


WEIGHT: 80 kg
WIDTH with 1,650 mm blade: 2,300 mm distance between wheels and handle bar
LENGTH: 1,600 mm
HEIGHT: 1,450 mm
BLADE LENGTH: 1,200 mm / 1,700 mm
CUTTING HEIGHT: min 150 mm / max 750 mm



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