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Automatic mulching machine for potted plants


The fully automatic and entirely mechanical mulcher CRT 21 stands out for its reduced dimensions and manoeuvrability, is used to cover pot surface areas with all suitable mulching products (Miscanthus, Lignitec made from shredded spruce, Containermulch, Rice husk, generic wood bark).

The CRT 21 is equipped with 4 wheels, two fixed and two swivelling, making it extremely easy to move around. The machine can also be combined with input and output conveyor belts.

Working the machine is very easy and intuitive. The mulch delivery belt speed as adjusted mechanically, and the speed of the pot delivery belts is controlled by a dial on the control panel.

The use of round belts to move the pots allows for a reduction of mulch waste to the minimum possible levels, resulting in a clean and tidy working area and facilitating the relocation of excess mulch back into the hopper. These same round belts cause a controlled rotation of the pots which means that the mulch is distributed evenly within the pots themselves. The on-board control panel can be easily reached form the working position.



  • Painted steel structure
  • Mulch delivery belt with adjustable speed
  • Lateral pot rotation belts with adjustable speed to allow for even mulch distribution
  • Automatic excess mulch recovery
  • Wheels: two fixed, 2 swivelling
  • Compatible with round 10/20 diameter pots


  • On-board control panel with 4-pole input plug, 3-phase + earth.
  • Dimensions: 160 x 150 x h 190 cm
  • Height above ground / pot outlet belt :82,5 cm
  • Tank capacity containing product 0,32 mc
  • Weight: 230 kg
  • Power Absorption: 2 kW
  • Supply Voltage: 380 V



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