A horticultural machine that helps make considerable savings in soil and labour costs. The big-bale soil bags are positioned inside the loader with the aid of a forklift or pallet jack and they are processed bottom upwards by the soil shredder blades in order to ensure a fine, uniform soil structure. The soil is further processed by a crusher located on the output chute before being offloaded directly into the feed hopper of the operating machine. The loader is supplied with tubes for the automatic filling of the associated machine. Once the loading process is over, the operator closes the front bay doors equipped with an anti-opening safety system.



– Works with various sizes of compressed soil bags
– Automatic potting machine hopper filling system
– Rapid loading, also with pallet jack or forklift
– Automatic soil humidification system (optional)
– Variable speed soil raising platform
– Front doors with anti-opening safety system
– Fork slits to aid transport by forklift


– 1890 x 2550 x h 27000 mm
– Completely tippable for a 2200 mm transport height in horizontal position

– Weight 1000 kg

– Voltage 400 V

– 1.5 Kw absorption


– Automatic soil humidification system


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